Welcome to my virtual home.


My name is Mercedes Cotchery, devoted Christian, wife, and mother.

My name, Mercedes, means Our Lady of Mercy, and bestows its honor from the Virgin Mary. In her spirit, I have become a woman of many mercies, and a mother of many children – my name manifesting itself into my destiny.

As I think about my family, I like to think that we are all chosen. I am a proud mother to five children – Jacey (10), Nicholas (7), Joshua (6), Journey (4), and Nile (1). They mean the world to me, bringing me immeasurable joy and invaluable life lessons from our day-to-day experiences. Every single day I learn something new about the people they’re becoming, about myself, and I see the world a little brighter. 

Now, I live a life where every day I am able to stay at home with my children, homeschool them, and flourish together.

Currently living in Charlotte, North Carolina, I am also an NFL wife to Jerricho Cotchery. This has also been an amazing journey, and it’s what brought us to the Queen City. We’ve been blessed to grow our love, grow our family, and grow in the Lord together. 

I believe in helping mommies all over find and pull out the phenomenon within them, to discover and celebrate their gifts of being Phenomenal Moms, or what I like to call PheMoms. This blog is dedicated to the essence of PheMoms everywhere, to marriage & mommy moments, baby beauty, birthday parties, and families growing phenomenally in Christ.

I believe in pollinating beautiful experiences, and am also a speaker available for engagements and events related to home schooling, marriage, being a PheMom, and adoption.

As I share some of my experiences on this blog, my virtual home, I’ll also share some of the inspiration that has helped me along the beautiful journey of mommy moments, motivation, marriage, and mercies.


I hope you will stay awhile,
and I hope you will visit often.

Mercedes, PheMom


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